Sumo Racing Motor Fan Kit for the Tekno SCT410
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Special thanks to Edwin Harman for helping with the Tekno
Project!  Good luck racing in the future!!
Motor Fan Kit -  

This fan kit offers motor saving temp reductions.  If you run
4wd short course, you know your motors can get hot.  This
kit can reduce your motor temps up to 20 degrees.   Kit
mounts directly to your center diff.  You can run the stock
Losi motor wire mount on top of the kit with the supplied
screws which are longer than stock.  Also included are wire
ties w/ washers if you prefer. Graphite is 2.5mm with a 1mm
top plate for the fan for strength.  Comes preassembled,
just plug into your aux port and when you turn your car on
and the fan will turn on automatically.  Kit weighs 1.5oz.
SUM2009 Replacement Fan (for Motor Fan Kit)
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