Mugen MBX- 8 / MBX-8 ECO
Skid Plates -  

Sumo skid plates are laser cut from the highest quality
aluminum and stainless steel. They are then machined and
cleaned for a premium cosmetic finish.   Our skid plates are
designed specifically to fit the  front or the rear of your
vehicle.  They are easily installed with stock hardware and
offer more durability than plastic resin skid plates.
SUM3012 MBX-8 Frt / Rear Skid Plate Combo
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SUM3013  HD MBX-8 Frt / Rear Skid Plate Combo  
                                                            Qty (1) $15.00
Shipping is $3.99 per item ordered
HD's are made from 16ga Stainless steel